Welcome to this 5 day summer intensive which offers a unique collaboration between teachers Esther Maas and Elisabet Sevholt, both with over 30 years in coaching acting and singing professionally in (musical) theatre and opera.

The core of the week is about how to be real when we are singing. To embody all the emotions and circumstances of an aria or a song, while still living up to the technical requirements of singing. When we sing most of our brain capacity goes to producing the notes, yet all performance singing is ultimately about communication. We want to make that communication real, truthful and honest.

Every morning we will start with a physicall warmup. After that the group is divided into two smaller groups, where one group will work with Elisabet and the other with Esther, alternating every day. In the afternoon masterclass both teachers will be present at the same time and critique your work, as well as a highly skilled pianist.

The focus in the masterclass will be on letting the singing breath work as the connection between singing and acting, making the singing and the acting into one expressive movement that will allow you total freedom. The work will be both analytical, emotional, physical as well as intuitive – using your whole capacity as a singer, actor and human being.

The course is open to professional Swedish and international singers and actors. Working language is English. You can sing in English, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Italian, French or Russian.

Two weeks before the course you will submit 2-3 songs or arias.



Esther Maas
For decades, Esther is a much sought  after vocal coach in all disciplines. She gives private lessons in her studio in Amsterdam to many professionals from all disciplines. She also taught at the Theatre Academy in Maastricht and at the musical department of the Conservatory of Haarlem. She taught students of Edward Zambara at the New England Conservatory (Boston). Gave diction and pronunciation lessons to students of Mannes College of Music in New York,and coached at the Nederlandse Reisopera. Esther is frequently asked to pre-judge, as in the TV show ”Pop Stars”. Find out more about Esther: www.esthermaas.nl


Elisabet Sevholt
Elisabet Sevholt teaches workshops and classes all over Scandinavia and Northern Europe, and is a private coach for many actors, singers, directors and scriptwriters. She has taught at several drama schools around the world, including Stockholm University of the Arts, The Oxford School of Drama and Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. She has also directed more than 30 plays and musical theatre plays in Scandinavia and the UK. Elisabet became officially accredited Chubbuck Technique Teacher by Ivana Chubbuck in Los Angeles in 2008. Find out more about Elisabet: www.elisabetsevholt.com


Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Möllegatan 11, 311 34 Falkenberg,Sweden.
Falkenberg is a beautiful little seaside town on the west-coast of Sweden. A direct train from Copenhagen Airport stops at the train station (a 3 hour ride).


1-5 July, 9 am-17 pm all five days.


Course price: 450 Eur + 25 % VAT. .If you have an EU registered company you are eligible for reverse charge method. Accommodation is not included in the price.
Apply to: summercourse@elisabetsevholt.com
If this is your first time you apply to us we will ask you to submit CV+photo upon receiving your application.

There are usually a lot of tourists in town in July, so it might be a good idea to book accommodation as early as possible.




For more information: elisabet@elisabetsevholt.com



The key is inside you – together we will find it.



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