In this three day workshop we will work with scenes from plays, movies and tv-series from the last five years by some of those writers who move effortlessly between the three medias, like Abi Morgan (River, Shame), Tracy Letts (August Osage County, Mary Page Marlowe), Aaron Sorkin (The Newsroom, Steve Jobs, A Few Good Men) amongst others.

With the foundation in the learnings of Stanislavskij, the heart in the Chubbuck Technique and strong influences form other acting techniques such as the Uta Hagen and the Meisner Technique as well as Michael Chekhov and Method Acting, we will be creating a modern and cutting age acting for the 2010s.

The core of the workshop is the establishment of a character work on a deep emotional level. Your work will be both analytical, emotional, physical as well as intuitive – using your whole capacity as an actor and human being.


Day 1

We will analyse the driving forces at work in the scenes. We will work on them from the character’s point of view and find your personal connection to what is driving the character. We will work on how this is about you. In the evening you will rehearse with your scene partner incorporation what we have worked on during the day.

Day 2

We will adress how your character drives the scenes and relate to other characters. We will work on how you open up to include others into your world, the importance of time and space in the scene and how you use your body, hands and things around you to get what you need. You will rehearse again with your scene partner in the evening.

Day 3

On the last day we will explore how your character wins the scene. This day we will focus on how to connect and how to listen to yourself and to others. Finally we will address the getting out of the head and allowing now to happen which is so important for creating a living, breathing human being on stage or screen.

Working language is English.



Two weeks before the workshop you will receive a scene partners and a scenes from a play, film or tv-series. Rehearse with your scene partner at least two times before the workshop. If you live far from each other the first rehearsal can be on Skype.


Podium Mozaïek, Bos en Lommerweg 191, 1055 DT Amsterdam


10:00-17.00 all days. Rehearsal and prep work for the following day on the evenings of the first two days.


Price: 340 Euro (inc. VAT)
If you are a first time applicant we will ask you to submit showreel/CV+photo upon receiving your application.


If you are an actor, director or scriptwriter you are welcome to observe a workshop. Please write to for more information about auditing.

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The key is inside you – together we will find it



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