This workshop is entirely dedicated to all the talented and masterful female writers who have chosen to write plays, movie and TV-scripts. We will do scenes written by women from all ages, continents, backgrounds, circumstances using all kinds of subjects, matters, styles and forms. All so different, and all women!


The Chubbuck Technique creates a modern, cutting-edge acting based on Stanislavskij’s method. The technique gives you effective tools to create depth and complexity to the character on screen or stage. Besides the effective 12 steps of the technique the workshop also covers how to write an emotional diary, how to find authentic sadness and fear, how get the feeling of being drunk or on drugs in a scene, how to have sexual chemistry with your scene partner and many other exercises to create a living, breathing human being.

Working language is English.



Day 1
We will analyse and work on the scenes from the character’s point of view and find your personal connection to what is driving the character. We will work on substitution and inner objects. In the evening you will rehearse with your scene partner incorporating what we have worked on during the day.

Day 2
We will adress how your character drive the scene and relate to other characters. We will work on actions and beats, moment before, place, doings and inner monologue. You will rehearse again with your scene partner in the evening.

Day 3
On the last day we will explore how your character gets what he or she needs the scene. We will also do exercises on fear, death and dying, alchohol and drugs, being in love etc. Finally we will address the ”letting go and get out of the head” which is so important for creating a living, breathing human being on screen or stage.



Two weeks before the workshop you will receive a scene partner and a scene from a film, play or TV-series. If two actors from the same city, company etc. want to work together you can do that if you let me know. Read the first part of Ivana Chubbuck’s book”The power of the Actor” and use the 12 steps in the book when you prepare your scene. Rehearse at least two times together with your scene partner before the workshop.



Teaterhaus Berlin Mitte, Haus C, Wallstrasse 32, 101 79 Berlin



21-23 September 2018 9.00-17.00 all days. Rehearsals and prep work for next day evenings 21 and 22 September.



Workshop price: 295 Euro.

Apply with showreel/Cv+photo.

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If you are a director or scriptwriter you are welcome to audit a workshop. Please contact for more information about auditing.


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