The streaming platforms Netflix, HBO,  Disney+ and Apple TV+ etc have one thing in common: TV-SERIES. We love to watch TV-SERIES because they take us on a long journey. As actors in TV-SERIES we need to connect and go on a journey with our character on a deep level. How can we find the force that drives us forward season after season and how do we connect it to the goal every single scene in every single episode? Join the workshop with acting coach Elisabet Sevholt and you will find out.

With the foundation in the learnings of Stanislavskij, the heart in the Chubbuck Technique and strong influences form other acting techniques such as the Uta Hagen and the Meisner Technique, this is a modern and cutting edge acting for the 2020s.

During the three days we will work with scenes from TV-series of different kinds, each actor working with one tv-series and two-three scenes from that series each. 
The core of the workshop is the establishment of a character work on a deep emotional level. Your work will be both analytical, emotional, physical aswell as intuitive – using your whole capacity as an actor and human being.
Working language in this workshop is English.

Day 1
We analyze the driving forces at work in the scenes, and how to connect them to create a character that can live and breathe through the whole season, and the next season as well. We will find your personal connection to what is driving the character – how this is about you.

Day 2
We focus on how your character drives the scenes and relate to other characters. We work on how you open up to include others into your world, the importance of time and space in the scene and how to use your body, hands and things around you to get what you need.

Day 3
The last day is about how your character wins in the scenes. This day we focus on how to connect to your scene partner while listening to both yourself and to them. Finally we address the getting out of the head and allowing every moment to happen, which is so important for creating a living, breathing human being on the TV screen.

Two weeks before the workshop you will receive one or two scene partner and a two-three scene from a TV-series. Watch the TV-series and rehearse at least two times together with your scene partner(s) before the workshop.

Goldbaum Management, Goltzstraße, 107 81 Berlin.

April 2024
10 am-5 pm all days. Rehearsal and prep work for the next day in the evenings 12 and 13 April.

Workshop price: €360 excl. VAT. Early Bird Price to 01.02.24: €330 excl. VAT
For application submit showreel or CV+photo to workshop@goldbaum-management.de

If you have any question contact: elisabet@elisabetsevholt.com