Most of the time in workshops we use on the best possible material – Chekhov, Ibsen, Sorkin etc. We know we can trust the stories; that they will take us to deep and connected places inside of us. However this is not what happens all the time out there in the real world. Yes, sometimes we strike lucky and get a part that feels like it was written for us and a script that make sense to every fiber in our body, but not all the time. This workshop is about those times and about how to turn them around into opportunities.


In this 2-day online workshop you will get a character that doesn’t fit you at all from a scene that have all kinds of problems that a scene could possibly have – and a scene partner. You will get the scene two weeks before the workshop and prepare it as usual online together with your scene partner before the workshop.


Please note that we will not use any finished playscripts in this workshop. I will write the scenes, indulging in all kinds of problem that I have come across when working on hundreds of plays and movies with actors, directors and writers.


This online workshop is also interesting for directors and writers. If you have an unfinished script hidden in the back of the drawer because it’s crap, you are welcome to suggest it as workshop material.

Working language on this workshop is English.


Day 1

We will analyze the scenes and go through all the problems in them and find how to work with the problems and turn them around.  In the evening you will rehearse with your scene partner(s) incorporation what we have worked on during the day.

Day 2

We will continue the work with the scenes and do some exercises and maybe put in some extra stuf,which is not evident in the scene itself to make the it  fly.


Two weeks before the workshop you will receive a scene and a scene partner. Maybe also a whole script, depending on the scene.  Rehearse at least two times together with your scene partner before the workshop.


By your computer, ipad or iphone. We are using Zoom as our communication tool.


14-15 November 2020, 10:00-15:00 both days. Rehearsal and prep work for the next day the evening of 14 November.


Workshop price: € 180 Apply via the contact form below. If you are a first time applicant we will write back to you and ask you to submit showreel or CV+ photo.
Application deadline: 16 October. Only 8 spots on this workshop.

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