These crazy times give us the opportunity to focus on going deeper into the inner work, driving the scene and connecting to the other actor online. You will also have the chance to practice opening up to the camera and strengthening your creativity in a recording situation. And we will record the work so you can watch it afterwards.

We will work on scenes online – together, in separate rooms. One the first day we will do the analysis and the inner work in the scenes and on the second day we will explore the outer work, connecting to your scene partner through the screen. Some of the work on the second day will be recorded.

With the foundation in the learnings of Stanislavskij, the heart in the Chubbuck Technique and strong influences from other acting techniques, such the Meisner Technique,and Method Acting, we will create a modern and cutting edge acting for the 2020s. An acting about us, humans today, in a world that could change us forever.

Working language is English.

9-10 June 15.00-20.00 (45 minute break included) Central European Time.
Technical check for first time participants: 7 June 19.00 -20.00

By your computer, ipad or iphone via the communication tool Whereby (Easy to use even if you’re not computer savvy).

Two weeks before the workshop you will get a scene from a movie, tv-series or play and a scene partner. You read the whole script or watch the movie and prepare the scene by yourself and together with your scene partner online.

€ 150 ( €120 + 25 % VAT). If you have an EU registered company you don’t pay Swedish VAT.

Apply via the contact form below. If you are a first time applicant we will write back and ask you to submit showreel or CV+ photo.

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