An intensive two-day scene workshop using the Chubbuck Technique to act in a comedy.

We will go to the sources of comedy which are so in tune with the 12 steps of the Chubbuck Technique:

–  to be desperate to win the objective with monumental obstacles standing in our way
–  to constantly do things, to physicalize and use doings and objects to further this need
–  to rid ourselves of all kinds of political correctness and moral values to go into a dark, crazy 



On the first day we will focus on the analysis and the inner work -and to not be contented with ”the usual suspects” but to look for new insights into your own life. In the evening you will continue the work and rehearse with your scene partner, incorporating what you have learned during the day. You work on finding inner objects for the whole scene, and after that you prepare the outer work: try out actions, doings and inner monologues.
On the second day we will continue working on the scenes – and since this is comedy there will be a lot of doings and physicalisation – before we go to step 12 in the Chubbuck technique to allow the comedy to appear. As always we explore the emotional diaries and the exercises you need for the scene.
The scenes will be performed in English, Swedish and Norwegian.


Two weeks before the workshop you will receive a scene partner and a comedy scene from a film, play or TV-series. If two actors from the same city, company etc, want to work together please let us know so that it can be facilitated. Read the first part of Ivana Chubbuck’s book ”The Power of the Actor” and use the 12 steps in the book when you prepare the scene. Rehearse at least twice with your scene partner apart from any individual preparation before the workshop.


Konstepidemin, Konstepidemins väg 6, 413 14 Gothenburg.


17-18 November 2018. 9.00- 17.30 both days. Rehearsals with your scene partner in the evening 17 November.


Workshop Price: 3000 SEK.
To apply submit your showreel/CV and photo.

Registration and Cancellation Policies


There will be room for a small number of observers. Price for auditing the workshop is 900 SEK. Write a few words about why you want to audit the workshop.


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