Welcome to an intense acting journey!

The journey will take us to all the messy parts of being a human being. We will rendezvous with our demons, dreams and drives. We will confront denied parts inside of us that may remove creative blocks, expand our ideas of comedy and drama and create unexpected characters. We will go though darkness and light and take our acting one step into the future. 

With the foundation in the learnings of Stanislavski and the heart in the Chubbuck Technique (and other modern techniques like Meisner and Method Acting) the stepping stone of this method is the legacy of the psychoanalysist Carl Jung. We will work on contemporary and classical scenes from movies, TV-series and stage plays to create modern, complex and very real characters. The work will be both analytical, emotional, physical as well as intuitive. It begins online, where we set out the course and the big finale is in real life in Falkenberg. There we will be journaling in the mornings, dreaming in the nights and working on exercises and scenes in the masterclass during the days.  You will find a demon inside of you, give it a name, entice it to come out and play – and make you win the scene! 

The course is open to professional Swedish and International actors. Working language is English. 

Falkenberg is a small seaside town on Swedish west-coast. A direct train from Copenhagen Airport stops at the train station (a 3 hour ride). There are usually a lot of tourists in town in July so it might be a good idea to book accommodation as early as possible. A list of nearby accommodations is available on request.

The course is in cooperation with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Falkenberg.



The DEMON is a concept found in almost every culture around the world. It was popularized in the west by Carl Jung under the name of “The Shadow”.  It is any aspect of the unconscious mind that we have rejected, denied or disowned. Plainly it is anything within us that we are unwilling to face, what we shoved down as deep as possible inside of us. Both the darker aspect of ourselves, as our shame, our fear, our phobias or traumas and the lighter, as our greatness, our success or our beauty –  things that we don’t believe we deserve. Hidden inside of us, the demons are, in fact, powerful sources of energy. They are closely linked to our creativity and if we connect to them they open up new dimensions which can us through creative blocks and make us look upon our whole artistic journey in a new light. 



You get your scene and your scene partner. You watch the movie, tv-series or read the play script. You study the texts and exercises in the course compilation. You start the rehearsals with your scene partner. 

We meet up online and you connect to the drives, the needs and the passions of your character. The journey inward begins.  

Now you and your scene partner meet with me again online to get down to all the specifics of how the scene and the character is about your life – right now. 

In real life. Five days in Falkenberg we deep dive into our demons, dreams and drives – like the alchemical process of turning shit into gold.


Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Möllegatan 11, 311 34 Falkenberg, Sweden and online.

27 June – You will receive a scene and scene partners and begin your preparation work.
9 July – 10.00-15.00 ONLINE to do ground work
11-15 July – We will have 45 minute session with your scene partners and Elisabet ONLINE to do the inner work and go deeper
18-22 July – 9.00-17.00 all days, in FALKENBERG, SWEDEN


Summer Course price: € 490  ( €392 + Swedish VAT). Apply via the contact form below or to
Application deadline: 17 January 2022. A week after you will be notified if you have a place.

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The key is inside you – together we will find it.



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