This is an on-going online weekly class for scene work. We work together whilst being in different locations. You work on the same scene in two consequent classes. The first session we analyze and do the inner work and the second session we explore the outer work and your connection to your scene partner through the screen. We will record parts of the work the second time you do a scene, and after the last session you are welcome to join an extra feedback session, where we go through the recorded material

  • find new depth in your acting by working in your own private space
  • learn how to drive the scene and connect with the other actor online
  • get effective and hands-on camera training
  • develop your acting for self-tapes and online auditions
  • we will record your work and have a feedback session at the end of every month

With the foundation in the learnings of Stanislavski, the heart in the Chubbuck Technique and strong influences from other acting techniques, such the Meisner Technique,and Method Acting, we set out to create an acting for the 2020s – an acting that reflects being a human being right now, in this changing world we live in.

Working language is English.


You sign up for one month/four classes at the time:      

January class : 8 January 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday)
                          15 January 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday) 
                          22 January 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday)
                          27 January 18.00-21.30 CET (Thursday)
                          Feedback session: 31 January 18.00-20.00 CET (Monday)

February class: 5 February 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday)
                           12 February 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday)
                           19 February 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday)
                           26 February 10.00-13.30 CET (Saturday)
                           Feedback session: 28 February 18.00-20.00 CET (Monday)


By your computer, ipad or iphone via Zoom.


Two weeks before your first class will get a scene from a movie, tv-series or play and a scene partner. You need to read the whole script or watch the movie and prepare the scene by yourself and together with your scene partner online. After you have finished your first scene you will get a new scene and a new scene pa 


€310 (€248 + Swedish VAT, 25 %) per 4 sessions.
If you have an EU registered company you don’t pay Swedish VAT.


Apply via the contact form below. If this is your first course with Elisabet Sevholt we will write back to you and ask you to submit showreel or CV+ photo.

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