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Privacy Policy – GDPR Compliant

Elisabet Sevholt Acting+Performance Coach is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected and always strive to protect your personal data in the best way possible.

This policy was created for you to be informed about how Elisabet Sevholt Acting+Performance Coach collects, uses, shares and stores your personal data as well as makes sure that it is handled in accordance with the EU GDPR. For the complete detailed policy, further information or complaint, please send an e-mail to


How your data is used

E-mail about our products and services is always sent to you with your consent. When you buy a product or a service, necessary data is collected in order to be able to establish a formal agreement as well as to be able to deliver purchased products. Your data can also be used to provide support. While you are a customer with Elisabet Sevholt Acting+Performance Coach additional data might also be requested in order to send you relevant information regarding upcoming workshops and courses.


Types of data being processed

The personal data being processed includes identity information, contact details, payment details, transaction data, technical data, user data and marketing and communication data. Sensitive or for the business non-relevant personal information is never collected.


How your personal data is collected

Your personal information is primarily collected directly from you when you buy one of our products or services. In addition cookies on the website automatically collect technical information, such as information about the device you are using, your search history on the site as well as your user patterns. Information is also collected if you visit other pages that use cookies belonging to Elisabet Sevholt Acting+Performance Coach. Finally, information about you is also provided through various third-party services and public sources, such as various tools from, for example Google and Facebook based outside of EU.


Why your personal data is processed

Your personal data is processed only when there is a legal basis for processing it. When your personal data is requested, your consent to send marketing to you is requested at the same time.


How your personal data is shared

Elisabet Sevholt Acting+Performance coach would never sell or let a third party rent your personal data. Third parties may access your information only when it is necessary to deliver the services for which they are engaged.


Safety procedures

There are precautions taken to ensure that your personal information is protected and processed correctly. If, despise these, there would be some kind of infringement, you will be notified, as well as the relevant authority, when there is legal obligation. Our site may contain links to third party services, such as plug-ins and applications that are not under our control and have their own privacy policy.


Storage times

Your data is stored no longer than what is necessary or forced for legal reasons.


Your rights

You are always entitled to request access to, change, delete and object to the handling of your personal data.  In that case, please submit a request using the contact information above.


Policy change

This policy is updated regularly. If the changes are of a essential character, you will be contacted for a new approval. If you do not accept the changes, you are entitled to terminate the agreement with Elisabet Sevholt Acting+Perfromance Coach before the new policy enters into force.