Welcome to an intense 5-day adventure where we will work on different scenes from movies, TV-series and stage plays.

With the foundation in the learnings of Stanislavskij, the heart in the Chubbuck Technique and strong influences from other acting techniques such as the Ute Hagen and the Meisner Technique as well as Michael Chekhov and Method Acting, we will be creating a modern and cutting edge acting for the 2020s.

The first day we start by finding your personal connection to your scene. Next we will address the game in every scene as we go deeper into the complexities inside of us to allow ourselves to become living, breathing humans on screen or stage.

We will also explore different ways of getting in touch with our inner world, doing exercises on finding real fear and sorrow and how to get the connection of lovers, close friends, mothers, fathers, children, siblings – as well as to our scene partner – and so much more.

The core of the week is the establishment of a character work on a deep emotional level.  Your work will be both analytical, emotional, physical as well as intuitive – using your whole capacity as an actor and human being. It can be quite an overwhelming process, but more important; a deeply rewarding one. The way you see yourself and your mission as an actor will most likely be changed forever.

Three weeks before the course you will receive a scene from a movie, TV-series or stage play and as well as a scene partner. You read the play or watch the movie and plunge into the work!

The course is open to professional Swedish and international actors. Working language is English.

Summer Courses in Falkenberg



The course will take place in the beautiful little seaside town Falkenberg on the west-coast of Sweden. A direct train from Copenhagen Airport stops at the train station (a 3 hour ride). There are usually a lot of tourists in town in July so it might be a good idea to book accommodation as early as possible.Accomodation in Falkenberg

Place: Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan, Möllegatan 11, 311 34 Falkenberg

Time: 27- 31 July 9 am – 5 pm every day. Monday-Thursday you prepare in the evening by yourself or together with your scene partner.



Apply via the contact form below. If you are a first time applicant we will write back and ask you to submit showreel or CV+ photo.
There are many applicants to this course and we can only take a limited number of participants, so this year there will be an application deadline.
Application deadline: 11 January 2019. A few days after we will notify you if you have a place on the course.

Price: €450 ( €360 + 25 % Swedish VAT) If you have a EU registered company you don’t pay Swedish VAT.




For more information please contact elisabet@elisabetsevholt.com



The key is inside you – together we will find it.

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